The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 263

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The girl looked approximately fifteen to sixteen years of age. She was dressed in a blue gown that accentuated the shape of her body.

Water droplets dripped down from her hair like crystals. The droplets smoothly rolled down her face and made her appear very sensual.

Although she seemed angry, she also looked very cute. It was a very confusing combination.

Both Le Yao Yao and Dongfang Bai were bewildered. Based on the girl’s tone of voice, they thought it was a vicious looking woman. Who would’ve thought that such a cute girl could sound so fierce?

When the young lady saw Le Yao Yao, she seemed a bit surprised. Then, she turned her eyes to Dongfang Bai.

“Hey! Excuse me, uncle! Why were you peeking at me?” she accused.

“What? Y-you! Who are you calling uncle?!” Dongfang Bai stammered. He couldn’t handle this insult.  Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 263”

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 262

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 261

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The black horse still refused to take a single step.

Lin Shan kept trying to reason with it: “I’m the Prince Consort (fu ma in Mandarin). You are a horse (ma in Mandarin). We are both from the Ma family! We have to unite and work together!”

The horse snorted and continued to disregard her existence.

From a close distance, Lian Feng heard Lin Shan and the corner of his mouth twitched. He stepped forward and reached out to grab the reins from Lin Shan’s hands. Then, he went up to the horse and whispered something in the horse’s ear. Within a few seconds, the horse started to move.

Woah! Lin Shan was astonished. She looked at Lian Feng admiringly: “You even know how to speak Horse tongue?? Respect.. Respect!”

Lian Feng was already accustomed to Lin Shan’s words and behaviour, therefore he didn’t seem fazed at all. All he said was: “Wu Ying’s temper is quite intense. Are you sure you want him, Prince Consort?”

Oh, so this horse was called Wu Ying? “You think I want to pick him? When I came, he was the only one left!” Lin Shan sharply said. The moment she said those words, it was as if the horse understood her. He hissed at her in a very unfriendly manner.

Lian Feng crinkled his brows as he held the reins tightly to control Wu Ying: “Ok, I’ll go look around to see if there are any other horses you could use instead.”

“Okay! Go!” Lin Shan nodded. Then she made a silly face at Wu Ying.

Wu Ying hissed again. As they looked at each other, they both looked irritated.

At this moment, Du Hao came over with his horse with an unpredictable smile on his face. He said in a clear tone: “Would the Prince Consort give me face to compete a round with me?”


The news that the Crown Prince and the Prince Consort were going to compete instantaneously spread throughout the range. All the Royal relatives and sons of important officials gathered around the center to witness this rare sight.

Right now, Lin Shan was in the center being surrounded. She felt very depressed.

This is definitely revenge!! He’s getting revenge!! Deep down, she viciously cursed at Du Hao as she lifted her head. She stiffly smiled and said: “Your Highness, my skills are inferior to yours. I think we should just let it go…”

Du Hao raised his eyebrows: “So Prince Consort is not going to give me face?”

Lin Shan wanted to burst into tears. He was clearly threatening her. As a Crown Prince, why must you pick on a tiny Prince Consort? You have no manners! She continued to swear at Du Hao in her mind.

Lin Shan placed her hand on her forehead and weakly said: “Aiii ya, I suddenly feel a bit dizzy. So dizzy… I’m going to go over there to sit down…”

She turned around, but was immediately blocked by Gu Zuo, who had a blank expression on his face. He bellowed to the crowd: “Prince Consort. Stop trying to reject and show us what you got!”

“Yes! I heard the Prince Consort is talented and his skills are out of the ordinary. Please allow us to see and experience!”

“We don’t believe what we hear. We only believe what we see. Prince Consort, stop trying to be modest….”

Those are rumours!! Rumours!! Lin Shan could feel the tears coming. Who the hell spread them? I don’t give a shit about being talented or having out of ordinary skills. I just want to keep my life! Lin Shan’s expression looked more dreadful than a crying face.

Du Hao came over and spoke in a harsh tone: “Prince Consort, please lead the way.”

At that moment, Lin Shan knew she was doomed no matter what. She lifted her head and whispered: “Then….can I at least use a different horse?”

Wu Ying impatiently dug his hoof.

“Alright.” Du Hao lifted his head and looked around as he spoke loud and clear: “Is there anyone willing to switch their horses for the Prince Consort?”

Everyone present, including the horses, took a step back.

Lin Shan: …………

“Prince Consort, you see? I have tried.” Du Hao shrugged his shoulders to show there are no other alternatives.

“Your Highness, I can find a different horse for the Prince Consort.” Lian Feng suddenly stepped out.

“How dare you?” Gu Zuo advanced forward and physically stopped Lian Feng from getting close: “The Crown Prince and the Prince Consort are talking. You have no authority to speak. Get out!”

Lian Feng looks at Lin Shan, and didn’t move an inch.

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Chapter 261

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 260

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Oh yeah! If I am going to Japan, I need to apply for a passport. Would that take a very long time? I was a bit concerned.

“Are you really that excited? Your leg is bouncing nonstop…” Suyang came out of his room as he leaned against the door frame and observed me.

“Oh? You’re finally willing to come out?” I spun a few circles in my seat. “Of course! Aren’t you excited?”

“I’m… more mature than you are.” Suyang pursed his lips, “I’m glad you’re happy.”

“When are we going to get the prize from the department store? By the way, why is your luck so good? You randomly went to purchase a washing machine and won second prize?”

Suyang appeared to be deep in thought, “Perhaps my character is too good.”

I pretended to bow to Suyang, “Yes yes yes, our Suyang young master’s character is one of the very best. Since Suyang young master has finally came out of his small black hut, please go to the washroom to take a shower!”

“What? I don’t look good right now?”

“It’s not that you don’t look good.” I shook my head as I shoved a small mirror to his face and smile, “You look very bad! Take a look!”

Suyang took the mirror from me and then analyzed his face from left to right. Initially, I thought he would be ashamed of his appearance. But he turned out to be addicted to his reflection.

“I think I ought to keep a beard. What do you think?”

As expected, our Suyang young master’s self lover scale was in operation 365 days a year.

My reaction was very cold, so Suyang made another self proclaimed cool pose as he said in a low voice, “I’m handsome, right? I feel like I give off such a mature manly aura….”

“What is your age, mature man?”

Then, Suyang suddenly came over as he grabbed me by the waist and pressed his face towards mine. He purposely wanted to poke me with his beard.

Suyang came from the left, and I dodged to my right. He tried to come in from the right, and I dodged to the left. He loved playing these immature games.

“Admit it now! Say I’m good looking!”

Aren’t females usually the ones asking their boyfriends whether they’re pretty or not?

Since I had nowhere else to run, I could only suppress my laughter and avoid his eyes. I nodded continuously. “Good looking! You’re the most handsome man I know! Is that good enough for you?”

“No! You didn’t look at me in the eyes…”

So many requirements! But the moment I look at his face, I wouldn’t be able to hold in my laughter.

“Say it while looking at me. Or else I won’t let you go today.”

Since I couldn’t beat him, I had to try to hold in my laughter. I lifted my head and made eye contact. But within a second, I burst out laughing.

“Is it really this funny?”

“Let’s go. Your beloved is going to help you fix your beard and cut your hair. Then, your world will be shining.”

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 259

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Chapter 259: Shocking discovery

After Leng Yi Xuan was done eating, Xue Ping went to set off a kite with him. Le Yao Yao remained in the pavilion and peeled an apple with a small knife.

Suddenly, Leng Yi Xuan fell down and began to cry.

Le Yao Yao was so concerned that she accidentally slit her finger with the knife. She ran to her son. “Are you alright? Let mommy see!”

Le Yao Yao was anxiously checking Leng Yi Xuan from top to bottom.

When Leng Yi Xuan saw how his mother was tearing up, he stopped crying. Instead, he reached out his smooth white hand and gently touched his mother’s face. He wrinkled his nose and whispered in his baby voice. “Mommy, don’t cry. Xuan’er only fell down. It is not painful anymore, so please don’t cry…”

“Eh…?” Le Yao Yao didn’t even realized she had tears streaming down her face. She wiped her tears away and smiled, “Alright. Mommy will stop crying. So Xuan’er must stop crying too! Are you in pain? Mommy will blow it for you. After blowing it, it won’t hurt anymore.”

Leng Yi Xuan didn’t want to worry his mother so he shook his head.

He’s obviously in pain, yet he’s denying it.

This reminded Le Yao Yao of Yu. Without saying a word, she picked him up and carried her son into the pavilion.

At this moment, a figure in white appeared. “So there you are!”

“Uncle Bai!”

Hearing the gentle voice, Leng Yi Xuan instantly turned around and burst into a brilliant smile as he got up to hug Dongfang Bai’s leg.

Dongfang Bai smiled and picked Yi Xuan up onto his shoulders. Leng Yi Xuan loved to sit on people’s shoulders because it made him feel like an adult; he could see so much further!

So, Leng Yi Xuan began to giggle. “Hehe! Uncle Bai is the best!”

Seeing Leng Yi Xuan’s smiling face, Dongfang Bai’s smile deepened.

They played until they were tired. Then, Xue Ping picked Yi Xuan up for his afternoon nap. Now, Le Yao Yao and Dongfang Bai were the only ones left in the pavilion.

“Brother Bai, in three months, you’ve lost so much weight!”

Le Yao Yao knew Dongfang Bai had constantly been searching for her sister all these years. Although Dongfang Bai was already rich as the country and had opened multiple medical clinics, he had never stopped searching for his sister.

There were sources that stated his sister was kidnapped into the ancient kingdom of Khotan. Currently, he had sent many people to search in that area.

But based on how worn out he looked, Le Yao Yao knew his sister wasn’t found yet. So, she immediately tried to comfort him.

“Brother Bai, although it’s important to find your sister, you must also take good care of your health. God will have a plan. For a good person like you, I’m sure God will take good care of you.”

“Haha. Thanks for always encouraging me, Yao Yao.” Dongfang Bai smiled and felt warm on the inside.

Dongfang Bai noticed a small knife on the table. Since he was bored, he randomly picked it up and started playing with it. But when he noticed the bloodstain on the knife, his eyebrows crinkled.

Then, he looked at Le Yao Yao and saw the blood streaming down her hand. Without thinking about it, he seized her hand.

“How could you be so careless? You cut your hand!”

Le Yao Yao didn’t even really notice until now. After all, her mind was only filled with her son. She thought he was injured.

Now that Dongfang Bai mentioned it, her face froze and she looked down. Although she didn’t cut her hand too deeply, it was still rather bloody because she never suppressed her wound. Now, her hand was dripping with blood.

The blood was dripping on the table and into a cup…

No wonder her hand felt wet!

Le Yao Yao was surprised but she acted like it wasn’t a big deal because she didn’t want to worry Dongfang Bai.

“Brother Bai, it’s just a bit of blood. Don’t worry.”

Dongfang Bai glared at her.

Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but smile. After all, it was a rare sight to see an elegant man glaring.

Dongfang Bai was mesmerized by Le Yao Yao’s gorgeous smile. He couldn’t shift his eyes away. He dropped the knife without noticing. It wasn’t until he felt pain that he snapped out of it.

“Ahhh! Brother Bai! Your hand is bleeding!”


Hearing this, Dongfang Bai stared as his blood slowly rolled down from him palm onto the table and into a cup…”

“Brother Bai! You’re too careless!” Le Yao Yao frowned.

When Dongfang Bai saw this, he didn’t feel the pain anymore.

Because, he felt like the luckiest man on Earth whenever Le Yao Yao showed any signs of care and affection towards him.

In the past, he thought he lost his chance to Yu. But now that Leng Jun Yu was dead, he felt as if God had given him another chance.

He will cherish and treasure every opportunity he had with her.

Although Le Yao Yao had already swore to remain a widow for life, he wasn’t afraid. After all, if you put your heart into it, you can split metals and rocks.

One day, Le Yao Yao will see that I’m worthy of her love!

While Dongfang Bai was deep in though, suddenly, Le Yao Yao’s astonished voice entered his ears.

“Brother Bai! Take a look! Why is our blood merging together?”

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 258

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 257

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Time flew by. Le Yao Yao’s stomach went from flat to bulging, and now, she was about to give birth.

It was currently noon. All the servants were walking briskly with a stressful look across their faces.

The maidservants went in the delivery room with buckets of clear water but came out with bloody water.

From the inside, Le Yao Yao’s cries could be heard. Her painful screams had the ability to make others feel unstable.

The Empress was waiting in the Hall. She was anxiously pacing back and forth. In fact, the handkerchief in her hands was completely crinkled because of how tight she was onto gripping it.

The Empress was already in her late 30s, but her face was very well maintained. She looked elegant and beautiful. At this moment, her brows were furrowed.

“Lu’er has already been in labour for the whole day. Why isn’t the child coming out yet? Do you think something bad will happen?!” she exclaimed.

“My lovely wife, please don’t panic. Physician Bai is inside. Lu’er will be fine. When you were giving birth to Xi’er, you were in labour for two days!” the Emperor gently tried to soothe the Empress.

Nangong Jun Xi walked up and held onto his mother. He added, “Yes, Mother Empress, relax!”

“Yes, Yao Yao’s body isn’t that weak. She will definitely be able to give birth to a healthy baby.” Tong Ya chirped in.

Tong Ya had already gotten married with Nangong Jun Xi. Right now, she was 8 months pregnant. She had one hand supporting her back. With the help of a maidservant, she stood up and walked to the Empress’s side.

Seeing this, Nangong Jun Xi instantly excused the maidservant and personally held onto his wife. He made eye contact with Tong Ya and smiled. Their eyes were filled with genuine love for each other.

At this moment, the sharp sound of a baby’s cries could be heard amongst Le Yao Yao’s screams.

The baby’s cries immediately changed the whole atmosphere.

“The baby is born!!! Princess Lulu has given birth to a chubby young master!” a maidservant ran out happily and announced to everyone.

“Thank God! Lu’er has finally given birth. Thank you, God!” the Empress cried.

In the room, Le Yao Yao was thoroughly exhausted from childbirth. She felt as if all her energy had been sucked out of her.

After the maidservants attentively wiped her body clean, Le Yao Yao tried to refrain from closing her eyes. She was barely able to keep her eyes open, but she weakly asked Dongfang Bai.

“B-brother Bai, the child is…”

“It’s a boy!”

Dongfang Bai knew what Le Yao Yao wanted to ask, so he quickly gave her the answer.

Hearing this, Le Yao Yao’s eyes flickered and her mouth curved into a smile. “May I take a look at him?”

“Of course.”

Dongfang Bai stood up and brought the baby over. The tiny baby was wrapped in swaddling clothes.

“Yao Yao, take a look! Your son is so cute!”

“Hehe…” Le Yao Yao smiled foolishly. Her eyes were completely mesmerized by her son. He had a tiny head, pink skin, and was currently sleeping soundly. His eyes were tightly shut, but his little mouth was partially open. He looked so adorable.

Even though she almost died from exhaustion, seeing her cute son made all her suffering worth it.

“Haha, Yi Xuan, little Yi Xuan….” she whispered.

Yu, can you see this? Our child has arrived into this world! You must be really happy in Heaven, right? 

Finally, Le Yao Yao felt into a deep slumber.


In a blink of an eye, it was as if time didn’t move, but people have changed. Four years went by just like that.

Le Yao Yao went from being a weak woman to the mother of a four year old child.

During these four years, many things happened. The second month after Le Yao Yao gave birth, Tong Ya became a mother of twins. Everyone was overjoyed!

Everyday, the Empress played with her three grandchildren. After the Emperor was finished with his duties, he would also join the Empress.

Although the Emperor already had other grandchildren with other concubines, his love for the Empress meant that he treated these grandchildren exceptionally well. Le Yao Yao and Tong Ya were also bestowed countless of rare treasures for their contributions to the family tree.

It had already been five years since Leng Jun Yu’s death. Although they had wanted to get married, they had never officially completed the ceremony.

Despite that, Le Yao Yao had arranged her hair like a married woman. For the rest of her life, she vowed to live as a widow.

Of course, this freaked the Empress out. After all, Le Yao Yao was only 21 years old. Although her Lulu was already a mother, she was still so young! It was too pitiful to be a widow for life at her age!!

So, during the past four years, the Empress constantly tried to find another suitor for Le Yao Yao. In addition, she continuously nagged Le Yao Yao to remarry.

Le Yao Yao knew her mother was concerned about her. But she only had one person in her heart. This will never change. No other man can touch her heart like Yu did.

When Yu passed away, her heart also died with him. She had no more ability to love any other man.

Right now, her only goal was to focus on raising her child well. That way, in the future when she is dead, she will be able to justified herself to Yu. (end of chapter 194 raws).

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 256

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需要很多 = requires a lot

需要 = need/require (you can type it by typing “xu yao” in the pinyin keyboard)

很多 = a lot/many/most (you can type it by typing “hen duo” in the pinyin keyboard)

很 = very

Okay, I can’t think of anything else to write. Time to promote Supernatural Girlfriend again!!! XD

I was so afraid other people would hear me that I held in my breath.

The stall wasn’t very big, so the two of us kind of had to squish in. Touch was unavoidable.

I lifted my head and realized Suyang’s head was sticking out of the stall. I anxiously pointed at his head to indicate he had to lower it.

Suyang understood and began to sit down on the toilet seat as he gave me an “OK” signal.

Then, he pointed at my feet. The people outside could immediately see that it was a female pair of heels.

“What should I do?” I mouthed the words at him. If I made any movement, the heels were going to make a sound.

But Suyang was much stronger than me at dealing with emergencies. He pulled me onto his lap and I sat on his thigh. My heels made two *da da* sound on the ground.

I hurriedly lifted my feet up. Now, I was practically leaning on Suyang’s body. Based on his painful expression, I could tell he was groaning silently.

“What was that sound?” A person asked suspiciously. He began to head towards our direction.

“Is there someone else? There’s no one here, right?” Someone knocked against our stall as he asked.

“Ah..nothing. I just dropped something.” Suyang calmly responded.

The guy didn’t ask any more questions as he began to do his own business.

We managed to avoid getting caught, but right now, Suyang and I were sitting in a very sexual position. It was so awkward. From time to time, I would lift my head to look at him. My eyes would flicker and my heart rate would increase. It was about to break through the limit!!

As for Suyang, his leg was beginning to shake because I have been sitting on his thigh for too long.

I felt kind of bad for him, so I tried to lessen his pain by shifting my weight somewhere else. But Suyang put his hands on my shoulder as he pursed his lips and shook his head. He didn’t want me to move around.

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 255

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“N-No. That’s impossible. H-how could he be dead?” Le Yao Yao’s headpiece was shaking nonstop. Her voice sounded like it was breaking.

Then, a roll of crystal tears rolled down from Le Yao Yao’s pale cheeks. She seemed so weak. It was as if she was going to vanish into thin air.

Seeing this, Xue Ping and Xue Li quickly held onto Le Yao Yao. They were deeply saddened by the death of Prince Rui, but even more so, they were concerned about Le Yao Yao’s physical wellbeing.

All of a sudden, Le Yao Yao stormed up to Mei and seized his collar. She shrieked, “You’re lying! You’re lying to me! Yu wouldn’t die. He wouldn’t die like this! He said he will come marry me!!”

Le Yao Yao was acting like an insane person. Mei didn’t move at all and allowed her to vent. Le Yao Yao wouldn’t stop shaking him.

Then, her eyes rolled back and she collapsed into darkness.


Nothing is more painful than anticipating for your wedding then finding out your lover has died.

The almighty Prince Rui got into a battle with the last remaining members from the evil cult just before his wedding and unfortunately fell to his death.  (tl: I thought they were already dead. What the heck, author?)

This news shocked the nation. After all, the common people considered Leng Jun Yu as a God-like figure. He was like a majestic mountain that would never topple. Who would’ve expected such a man would meet such a sad fate?

As a result, the Heaven Yuan dynasty had three days of silence to show respect.

Prince Rui’s body was never found. Most likely, his corpse had already been eaten by wild beasts. So, his coffin were filled with all the items he had once used.

Since Prince Rui had done so much for the country, on the day of his funeral, all the common people stopped their work to bid farewell to their hero.


It was a scorching hot and blinding day. From the ground, a layer of smoke could be seen rising. The green tree leaves couldn’t handle the heat and curled together as the branches hung low.

Despite this, Le Yao Yao felt like she was in the middle of a blizzard. She couldn’t feel the slightest warmth. It was as if she was in an icy cave; her blood streams had solidified.

Le Yao Yao didn’t want to see people’s pitiful glances. Because, to her, it was a reminder that Yu was dead. He will never come back again…

“No! Yu, how could you lie to me?! Why? You promised that you will marry me. I have been patiently waiting. Why must you leave me?” sobbed Le Yao Yao.

Le Yao Yao felt as if her heart was being ripped apart. She buried her face into her knees as she wrapped her arms around her knee.

On the outside, the Emperor, the Empress, and the twins were pleading for her to open the door. But Le Yao Yao covered her ears. She didn’t want to hear or see anyone right now. She only wanted to be left alone.

She was like a wounded animal, silently licking her wounds at a corner.

Her tears wouldn’t stop running. By now, everything around her was blurry. She couldn’t see clearly anymore.

Everything turned black and white. Then, it would go dim from time to time. Perhaps, she had cried too much.

Again, someone tried knocking on the door. Le Yao Yao was surprised the door was still intact. Honestly, the people from the outside could forcefully break in if they wanted. But no one dared to do so. Instead, they kept pleading for her to come out.

Currently, she was too tired. She was so tired that she just wanted to sleep eternally. That way, she will be able to be with Yu forever…


When Le Yao Yao woke up, she recognized the familiar medical scent.

“You’re awake?”

That voice was calm and soothing. It belonged to no other than Dongfang Bai.

“Why are you here?”

Le Yao Yao’s throat was burning. It felt like there was a fire crackling inside of her.

But this pain was an indication that she was still alive. Before she lost consciousness, she thought she was going to die.

To her, death was a release. Because now that Yu was dead, her world had already lost all of its colour. Being alive was equivalent to being a walking corpse. There was no point.

Perhaps, Dongfang Bai could read Le Yao Yao’s thoughts. He sat down next to her and scrunched his brows. Concern could be seen all over his face. But, he didn’t speak immediately. Instead, he poured Le Yao Yao a cup of tea and personally held her up.

“Here, drink some water first. Your throat must be burning. I’ve already cooked the medicine. After you drink some water, you can take the medicine.” he gently directed.

Hearing this, Le Yao Yao nodded. She could feel the cup against her lips as she swallowed down the content.

Suddenly, Le Yao Yao smelled the strong medicine and crinkled her nose.

“Here, Yao Yao, let me feed you medicine.”

Le Yao Yao looked around and realized everything around her was pitch black. No matter how wide she opened her eyes, she couldn’t see anything at all.

She came to a realization. “Am I blind?” she whispered.

“It’s only temporary. You locked yourself three days in the room and wouldn’t stop crying. You refused to eat or drink anything. Your eyes are blinded by your tears. Don’t worry though. As long as you go through treatment, you will be able to regain your eyesight.”

Hearing this, Le Yao Yao didn’t feel anything. She was numb to emotions. After a period of silence, she stated, “Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether I can see anymore.”

Because, without Yu, her world is already in darkness. 

“Yao Yao! I won’t allow you to think like this! What do you mean it doesn’t matter whether you can see anymore? I know Yu’s death is a huge blow to you. You’re depressed and see no more hope. But Yao Yao, you must understand that you’re not the only person suffering. How about Yu’s family? The Emperor and the Dowager Empress are all very devastated as well. Will being sad bring Yu back? Also, do you know how selfish you are acting right now? You are not the considerate and positive Le Yao Yao from the past.” Dongfang Bai’s tone was very harsh.

Le Yao Yao mumbled, “I’m selfish?”

“Yes! You are selfish! Do you have any idea how worried your parents were when you locked yourself in the room for three days? When I had arrived, your mother had fainted multiple times because she was too emotional. She almost lost her eyesight like you. Even if you don’t care about yourself, you have to think of your parents. How could your parents bear to see you like this? Also, you’re going to be a mother soon. By giving up on life, what will happen to your child? Yes, Yu is dead. But are you going to give up on the child now that he is no longer with you? If Yu is watching down from Heaven, how would he feel?”

Dongfang Bai said everything in one breath. It was as if he was setting off firecrackers.

True. Yu is dead. But she still has her family and her child. Her child

“Brother Bai! How’s my child? Is he ok? Please, make sure you protect my child!”

Le Yao Yao began to frantically wave her arms in front of her. It was as if she wanted to grab hold of something.

Dongfang Bai instantly held out his arm for Le Yao Yao to hold on.

“Brother Bai. Please make sure my child will live. This child is the only thing that I have left from Yu. He’s the only bloodline left of Yu’s.” cried Le Yao Yao.

Le Yao Yao’s eyes began to turn misty again. Seeing this, Dongfang Bai used his handkerchief to help her wipe the tears away. “Yao Yao, don’t worry. As long as you won’t give up on yourself and your child, I will make sure to hold you both tight no matter what. Be good. Stop crying. Your eyes are already damaged. No more tears, alright? Or else, the damage will be permanent and I won’t be able to do anything about it. If your eyes are permanently damaged, you won’t be able to see what your child looks like in the future.” Dongfang Bai consoled as he patted Le Yao Yao’s back. His voice was like a spring breeze that brought in a ray of light into her dark heart.

“Mm. Brother Bai, I will listen to you. I will make sure to live on and raise my child. That way, Yu will feel relieved in Heaven!”

Yu, without you, I’ll still live well. 

I’ll take good care of myself and our child. 

I love you. 

Forever and always. 

This will never change. 

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 254

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Waiting tends to make people feel agitated. Right now, Le Yao Yao couldn’t wait for the day she finally gets married.

But deep inside, she felt uneasy. It was as if there was a thorn poking at her heart. She wanted to remove it, but couldn’t.

Please don’t let another accident occur! 

Slowly, days went by and it was her wedding day at last.

Since Le Yao Yao was the orphan of a general and loved by the Empress and Emperor, she was given a Princess-style treatment.

Rows of red carts were lined up, ready to go.

Le Yao Yao’s headpiece alone was worth more than a city.

Currently, the Empress was watching her darling and crying like no tomorrow. She couldn’t stop. The Emperor’s heart ached just from witnessing this.

Eventually, the Emperor managed to successfully console the Empress.

By now, Le Yao Yao had finished with all the complicated procedures. Under the help of an old maidservant, she entered the marriage sedan.

This is what Le Yao Yao is supposed to enter. But I don’t understand why Xue Li and Xue Ping were in the same thing as her. It can’t fit 3 people…

In ten days, she will be back at the Heaven Yuan dynasty. She will be able to officially get marry with Leng Jun Yu at his residence. 

Suddenly, Le Yao Yao didn’t feel tired anymore.

This morning, she woke up bright and early to bathe and dress up. Nowadays, due to her pregnancy, she was easily exhausted.

Her headpiece was so heavy that she felt like her neck was going to snap from supporting it.

Le Yao Yao had no idea that getting married was such a troublesome task. Fortunately, she will only get married once. If she has to marry a few times, she would definitely die from exhaustion.

When she mentioned this to Xue Ping and Xue Li, they instantly said “pah pah pah” several times.

“Princess Consort, how could you say such ominous words on your wedding day! Of course you’ll only marry the Prince once this lifetime. Why would you have to go through more than one ceremony?”

“I know, right? The Prince had already chosen a spoonful of water from the wide ocean. Aside from the Princess Consort, the Prince will not allow anyone or anything to come in between you two! Not even a mosquito! It’s rare to find such a great man like the Prince. Most men want a harem. He is as rare as you can get.”

“I know, right? If it were any other man who have both power and status, they would have multiple women! Our Princess Consort is so lucky! Sigh. I wonder when I’ll get such a great man myself…” Xue Li couldn’t help but clasp her hands together with a dreamy expression.

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Seeing this, Le Yao Yao teased. “As long as you don’t give up, Xing will eventually fall into your hands! He’s actually quite a catch. He doesn’t sleep around or gamble. He’s not greedy and only drinks occasionally. Not bad!”

Since Leng Jun Yu had order Xing to accompany Le Yao Yao to the ancient kingdom of Khotan, he had remained at the Palace this whole duration. So these days, Xue Li always tried to hang out with Xing whenever it was possible.

Le Yao Yao also wanted to help her maid, so each day, she would excuse Xue Li early to spend time with Xing. Having Xue Ping serve her was enough.

I wonder if Xue Li has made any progress yet? 

“Aiiii. Xing has been cold to me this whole time. I can’t make anything happen. I’ll just go with the flow!” sighed Xue Li.

Although that’s what Xue Li said, she couldn’t help but lift the window curtain to admire the handsome young man at the front of the line. Xing was riding a horse and dressed in armour. He looked super manly.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao and Xue Ping made eye contact and smiled at each other.

At this moment, the horn blew; signaling it was time to depart.

Le Yao Yao lifted the window curtain and began to wave at the Empress and Emperor.

I wonder when I’ll see my parents again. 

Thinking of this, tears began to roll down Le Yao Yao’s eyes.

Xue Ping noticed this and immediately used her handkerchief to wipe her face.

“Princess Consort, don’t cry. We’ll be back.”

“Yes, we’ll be back!”

Today is her wedding day. She is going to marry her lover. She should be happy! 

The twins thought it was incredibly funny how Le Yao Yao was half laughing and crying.

Le Yao Yao could see the scenery passing by her. She really wished the carriage could go faster.

The moment she imagined Leng Jun Yu dressed in his red marriage outfit, Le Yao Yao began to chuckle.

Suddenly, the horse carriage came to a stop. It was very sudden and there was a lot of commotion outside. Le Yao Yao’s heart immediately felt unstable. Her face turned pale.

Seeing this, the maids tried to reassure her. “Princess Consort, don’t worry. Something must have happened at the front. I’m sure it’ll be resolved soon.”

“Yes, this servant will go take a look now.” Xue Li got off the horse carriage to see what was going on.

At this moment, they noticed a figured covered in dust. He was dressed in a black armour and his hair was a mess. His face was pale.

It was no stranger. It was Mei, the secret agent who was always by Leng Jun Yu’s side.

Currently, Mei’s pupils were filled with sorrow. Le Yao Yao’s heart was hanging by a thread.

Her body began to tremble. “Mei, w-why are you here? Did Yu send you?”

Yes, that must be it! That must be it! 

Le Yao Yao was comforting herself. But Mei suddenly fell off his horse. However, he quickly got down on one of his knees. His head was lower; as if he was afraid to face Le Yao Yao.

Perhaps, Le Yao Yao’s face was too white. Her eyes showed both instability and hope.

He didn’t want to tell her the cruel truth. But ultimately, he had to. “To respond to the Princess Consort, Prince Rui…has fallen off a cliff and died…”

(end of 192 raws)


Okay, this is very confusing because I thought Leng Jun Yu was supposed to pick Le Yao Yao up. Isn’t he supposed to pick her up and do all the procedures with her side of the family first?? I’m so confused.

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