The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 250

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The chapter starts here:


Le Yao Yao could feel Leng Jun Yu’s tongue continuously going around her nipple. He was causing her body to have strange reactions.

Lately, her body has been getting more and more sensitive to his touch

“No..Yu…don’t…” she gasped.

Le Yao Yao’s pupils began to look blur and her cheeks were red. Her voice was very soft.

Leng Jun Yu suppressed his desire and removed his tongue from Yao Yao’s hard nipple. He seductively smiled, “Haha. Do you want it or not?”

“I d-don’t…” Le Yao Yao shook her head and objected weakly.

But then, Yu thrusted his finger into her sensitive region and began to tease the area. He touched her in the spots that made her crave more and more.

Soon, Le Yao Yao felt like she was burning up. She was having trouble fighting the burning fire of desire. She wanted to escape from the finger but at the same time, she …

“Now, do you want it or not? Hmmm?” Leng Jun Yu murmured.

Le Yao Yao didn’t verbally respond, but her body language spoke for her. She was trying to endure the waves of pleasure.

She wanted..more

At this moment, Leng Jun Yu removed his finger.

Le Yao Yao felt like she had dropped from the Heavens into Hell and was very dissatisfied. She began to frown at Leng Jun Yu. “Yu…”

“If you say you want more, this Prince will give it to you.”

It was as if Leng Jun Yu was dangling a candy in front of her. Le Yao Yao was speechless. She wanted more but she didn’t want to ask for it. That was too embarrassing!

So, she refused to speak despite how much she was suffering.

Currently, Le Yao Yao looked like a stubborn little deer. Leng Jun Yu felt himself melting and ultimately, gave in.

He lowly growled and his lips were on Le Yao Yao’s again. However, at the same time, his finger continued to explore Le Yao Yao’s cave. Soon, his finger was all wet and Le Yao Yao could no longer hold back as she moaned and reached her climax…

“Dear, are you satisfied? If so, it’s your turn to serve this Prince.” slurred Leng Jun Yu.

Leng Jun Yu reached out his hand and seized her little hand and brought it to his big bird.

The moment Le Yao Yao touched the enormous bird, she couldn’t help but gulp down her saliva. Although it wasn’t the first time she had came in contact with Leng Jun Yu’s xx, everything she saw it, she would be intimidated by it.

Luckily she only had to use her mouth and hands. If this thing entered her body

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao’s heartbeat accelerated and she began to turn red.

Leng Jun Yu’s eyes landed on Le Yao Yao’s bulging tummy. “If this Prince could, this Prince would directly devour all of you…”

“Eh….?” Le Yao Yao was scared and no longer hesitated as she worked hard to pluck the radish. She had to distract Yu from dangerous thoughts!

As expected, her method was great. In a matter of seconds, Leng Jun Yu’s cold face began to flush. He narrowed his pupils and enjoyed the sensation.

Inside the room, beneath the bedroom curtains, were sounds of a man’s coarse panting and a woman’s faint moans. Together, they caused a lot of wild and fanciful thoughts.


After the passion was over, the room returned back to serenity. Le Yao Yao’s mouth and hands were overworked and tired. She felt too lazy to move or speak.

With her eyes closed, she rested her head against Leng Jun Yu’s broad chest.

Contrary to Le Yao Yao, Leng Jun Yu was still vigorous and energetic. However, he didn’t want to wear Le Yao Yao out so he had no choice but to hold back his sexual drives.

Leng Jun Yu had one hand holding onto Le Yao Yao while his other hand was stroking her smooth back.

Le Yao Yao opened her eyes and stretched her lazy waist. She looked outside and saw the Sun setting.

Wow, time sure flies. Earlier, it was the middle of the afternoon. Now, it was almost nighttime. 

Or perhaps, doing sexual deeds make time go faster!? 

While she was deep in thought, Le Yao Yao felt Leng Jun Yu’s hand wrapping her tighter. His low and raspy voice rang from above her. “You’re awake?”


“Are you hungry?”

This time, Le Yao Yao’s stomach replied. *Gulu*

Hearing this, Leng Jun Yu laughed but Le Yao Yao gave him a killer glare.

“You’re not allowed to laugh! I’m so hungry…!”

“Alright. This Prince won’t laugh. This Prince will order the servants to prepare dinner now. Wash up and then come out, ok?”

Leng Jun Yu gently patted Le Yao Yao’s long hair and got up reluctantly.

Le Yao Yao also stood up to put on her clothes. Unexpected, at this moment, Leng Jun Yu made a comment. “Did you know you have a red birthmark on your bum?”

“Huh? Really!?”

Le Yao Yao was embarrassed and hurriedly dressed so Leng Jun Yu couldn’t look at it.

At this moment, Leng Jun Yu had one hand rubbing his smooth chin. His eyebrows were scrunched.

“Yu, what are you think about?”

“Oh. Nothing. For some reason, I recalled someone mentioning someone else’s butt has a red birthmark. But I can’t remember who.”

“Well, I’m definitely not the only person in this world to have a red birthmark on my butt!”

Le Yao Yao thought this topic was awkward and swiftly changed it. “Yu, I’m really hungry!”

“Alright, let’s go eat now.”

Leng Jun Yu placed his arm around Le Yao Yao’s tiny waist and the two of them headed for the Hall.

Originally, they thought this issue was not a big deal. But the two of them had no idea that there was a hidden secret behind this red birthmark…


A month quickly gone by. During this time, Leng Jun Yu’s injury had mostly healed. So, once again, a lucky date was chosen for Le Yao Yao and Leng Jun Yu’s wedding.

This lucky date was the 15th of next month. Since there were only three weeks before the wedding, Le Yao Yao had to return to the ancient kingdom of Khotan soon.

Her adopted mother, the Empress, heard about the ambush from her last attempt and was relieved to know Le Yao Yao wasn’t hurt. However, the Empress wanted to see her as soon as possible.

But since Leng Jun Yu was injured, Le Yao Yao told the Empress she was going to remain at Prince Rui’s residence until he was healed. She wrote a long letter explaining in details about her relationship with Leng Jun Yu and Nangong Jun Xi. Although the Empress thought it was rather odd her Lulu shifted her love from her son to Leng Jun Yu, she was willing to allow Le Yao Yao to marry anyone that she wanted.

Meanwhile, Leng Jun Yu also received Nangong Jun Xi’s letter. Nangong Jun Xi stated that Tong Ya was pregnant and they were going to get marry a month after their wedding. Currently, Nangong Jun Xi and Tong Ya were in their honeymoon stage. They often went sightseeing and exploring. They were in their own little world and weren’t coming back until Yu and Yao Yao’s wedding.

From the letter, it was obvious that Nangong Jun Xi had fallen for Tong Ya. Le Yao Yao and Leng Jun Yu were very surprised but happy for them. They must have a story of their own.

Le Yao Yao decided she will interrogate Tong Ya once she sees her again. She was curious to know how Tong Ya managed to win Nangong Jun Xi’s heart.

Currently, it was early morning. However, Prince Rui’s residence was bustling with activity because today was the day that Le Yao Yao was heading back to her hometown.

At this moment, Le Yao Yao was standing by the entrance as she silently watched the chief manager commanding the other eunuchs to carry the items onto the horse carriage.

Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but recall the ambush. Fortunately, both her and the child was fine. Would another accident occur this time? 

Honestly, Le Yao Yao only wanted to peacefully get to her hometown and wait for Yu to pick her up and marry her. She hoped her wish could be fulfilled.

While she was praying on the inside, someone hugged her from behind. Le Yao Yao smelled the familiar ambergris scent and felt calm.

“What are you thinking about, wifey?” Leng Jun Yu placed his chin lightly on top of Le Yao Yao’s head.

Le Yao Yao pursed her lips and expressed her concerns. “Yu, I’m afraid…”

“Silly, what are you afraid of? There won’t be another accident. This time, this Prince arranged 3x more guards to protect you; even a fly wouldn’t be able to get in and sting you. So, don’t worry.”

Then, Leng Jun Yu flipped Le Yao Yao around to face him and gently lowered his head to kiss her knitted brows.

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 249

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I have no brain cells left to write a long announcement post so I’m just going to post a snippet of “Your Highness, I know my wrongs!” If you guys like perverted female MCs, this is for you! Lin Shan is dressed as the Prince Consort, Song Luo.


At this moment, Lian Feng was inching closer and closer. Lin Shan could smell the male odour coming out from his body. She couldn’t help but feel goose bumps running down her spine.

One hand landed on her shoulder.

Instantly, Lin Shan jumped like she was being fried.

“Don’t be so rash! I’m a man! A MAN! Look carefully! It’s true! You see this? I don’t even have a chest!” Lin Shan turned around and started slapping her breasts very loudly.

Hello? Say something! At the rate I’m hitting myself, my internal organs are going to bleed before you even touch me!

Sensing no movements from Lian Feng, Lin Shan secretly opened her tightly shut eyes and peered at him. His current expression was hard to describe. He looked weak and helpless. It appeared he was going to turn nuts, yet he looked a bit composed as well.

“Prince Consort, you…..don’t have to worry…” Due to the drugs, it was making it difficult for Lian Feng to speak. But since his internal strength was deep, he was able to somewhat restrain himself.

“You’re like this, how can I not worry?” Lin Shan anxiously pulled on her lapel.

Lin Feng’s mouth twitched: “Prince Consort. Please do not worry…based on my abilities… I can restrain myself.”

“Really?” Lin Shan looked at his expression. He didn’t look like he was lying. Therefore, she immediately relaxed as she tapped on his chest, “Aiya, why didn’t you tell me sooner? I was so concerned!” Huh? Ohhhh feels pretty damn nice! -_-

“Don’t touch me!” Lian Feng’s expression changed, and it was full of caution.

Lin Shan reacted as if she had touch a thorn and quickly pulled back her hand, looking troubled: “….didn’t you say you can restrain yourself?”

At this moment, Lian Feng had all sort of feelings welling up inside of him. It was as if there was a fire burning at the spot where the Prince Consort had touched him. It was about to burst at any time. His vision began to blur and the person in front of him became a cute woman instead. Her feminine scent was starting to come out and he couldn’t help but want to inch closer to verify.

Lin Shan thought she was safe a moment ago, but seeing how Lian Feng was getting closer and closer to her, she started to freak out. His nose was nearing against her face now. She was backing up as far as she could. Soon, her back was right against the door.

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 248

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The material I am using for this post is based from a book called, “How to live without fear and worry” by K.Sri Dhammananda.

1. Modern life is a struggle -a struggle to gain monetary rewards, comfort and luxury. Instead of bring happiness, this lifestyle brings anxieties and stress. 

When I read this line, I was slightly stunned. I’ve always known that life is not easy, but I have never really thought about why life is so hard. Is it hard because we are always trying to attain something we don’t have? Why is it so difficult to be happy with our lives? Some may blame society and the media for causing us to be so ungrateful, but stop for a second, and ask yourself, “What are you chasing after?” 

2. Pleasure can be bought, but not happiness. 

Most people believe when they possess a lot of money, they will be happy. After all, if you have a lot of money, you have the option to decide whether you want to work or not. Money isn’t just money. Money signifies freedom, opportunity, status, and power.But does that equal to happiness? Some may say so, some may disagree. I personally think having money is great, and definitely necessary to some degree; however, I do not think money can buy me happiness. If I have to do something I hate in exchange for money, it’s not worth it.

Ask yourself, “Are you driven by money so you can buy what you want? After you get the item, do you think you’ll be happy?” 

There are a lot of things money can buy, but there are also a lot of things money can’t buy. For example, family, true friends, true love, good health, a home, wisdom, and etc.

3. Truly great people have one thing in common, that is, they use their resources -wisdom, sympathy, power, energy, knowledge for the good and benefit of mankind.

I believe this is true. Although I do not have a lot to give, I try to offer the best to you guys. If you happen to stumble across my blog, I hope it makes a positive difference in your life.

4. “A long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough!” -Benjamin Franklin 

I also agree with this statement. Life is really a collection of our experiences. Our goal should be to increase the number of good experiences.

5. Kindness is a virtue that the blind can see and the deaf can hear. 

Being kind doesn’t require a lot of time. Sometimes, a smile can make all the difference. You can always give more if you choose to. Treat others like how you want to be treated. If you want to feel loved, you have to love first.

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Chapter 248

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 247

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Here’s a snippet of SG. If you’re a fujoshi, you will like this! 

“I will press it on the count of three. One…two…” While I was about to take the picture, I noticed a tall and blurry figure heading towards us. The person’s facial features looked very familiar. He was walking at a very quick pace.

“Three!” Just as I was about to press the button, a strong force pulled me away. I turned but before I could react, the person with the same height as me pressed his lips against mines.

“Ah!!!!!” The young lady yelped.

“Y- you…! You!” My eyes were wide and I was in shock. What the heck was going on?

When Suyang kissed me, I felt as if my soul nearly flew out of my body.

The man that was wearing the slim-fit windbreaker was the love of my life. Right now, he had his hands in his pockets as he observed me.

“You think you could secretly leave me like this? You think I wouldn’t figure it out?” Suyang put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer.

The girls around me began to shriek!

Then, there was a moment of silence and the applause began.

“You two are so compatible!”

“Congratulations! I wish you two all the best!”

“I hope you guys will live happily forever after!”

Then, they all left as they discussed amongst each other.

As expected, this was a fujoshi society! When I was Lin Yixin, no one ever told me I was compatible with Suyang. But now that I am Anson…. No! I’m not going to think of that now!

“Do you know what you are doing?” I was the same height as Suyang now. It felt really weird to meet him eye to eye.

“I know. I was confirming whether you’re the person I think you are.” Suyang kindly smiled, “No matter what you turn into, I will recognize you.”

Suyang’s words….

I pushed him away, but my face was already all red, “I’m a man. Who would’ve thought that the famous Author Su is a GAY? What a pity. I’m not!”

Logically speaking, Suyang shouldn’t have recognized me. I never said or hinted a thing. In my opinion, I didn’t do anything to give it away.

“Don’t you remember what I said at the television station? I said if you’re fat, I would like fat. If you’re skinny, I would like skinny. If you’re tall, I would like tall. If you’re short, I would like short.” Suyang placed his two hands on my shoulders and made me face him. “But I never thought you would make it so hard for me and become a man.”

Suyang lowered his head and chuckled. Then, he held my hand and said, “I guess I can only like a man now.”

His hand was so warm. He made it hard for me to pull away. “You have the wrong person.” I had to lie. If I admitted I was Yixin, Suyang will definitely not allow me to leave. If I don’t leave, how could I save Grandmother Meng?

“If I recognized the wrong person, then why is your face so red? Your blush confirms that you’re the person I’m searching for.”

“B-bullshit! If you were randomly kissed by someone of the same sex, would you not turn red?”

“I wouldn’t turn red!” Suyang responded confidently. As expected, he was the overlord of thick skin….

You can read this here! It is also translated by me!

Chapter 247

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 246

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 245

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Yao Yao! You must wait for me! I’m coming! 

At this moment, Leng Jun Yu’s subordinate exclaimed nearby. “Prince Rui, we have found the secret passageway that will lead us up Sheng Nu Mountain!”

“Alright, let’s go!”


The snow on the ground was dyed with the fresh colour of blood. The four chopped limbs were lying in the pool. A white face with huge black eyes was staring straight at Le Yao Yao. Since Nian Sulan had no limbs, she moved like an earthworm as she struggled up.

Nian Sulan crawled towards her. “You’re the one who turned me like this. It’s all your fault. Give me back my life. Give me back my life…” she whispered.

“N-no! That’s not true! I never wanted you to harm you! I didn’t….ahhh!!” Le Yao Yao objected.

Le Yao Yao suddenly woke up from her nightmare. She sat upright and stared outside the window.

It was pitch dark outside. Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but remember what happened earlier this afternoon.

Is Nian Sulan already dead? Is that why she was haunting her in her dreams? She wants to get revenge because she died unjustly? 

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao’s heart felt congested. Si Mu Han kills as if human lives were worthless to him. He knows he has the power to take away a life with a simple sentence. Because of him, people die without an intact corpse! 

At first, he seemed so considerate and kind towards her. She actually believed he wasn’t such an evil man. But after the Nian Sulan incident, Le Yao Yao realized Si Mu Han was a monster. So, she had to escape as soon as possible!

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao stood up and looked around the room. There were actually no one around.

That was great news to her. If she didn’t try to escape now, then when?

Le Yao Yao hastily put on the snow white fox overcoat and the fox fur hat. She made sure to conceal all of her black hair.

After all, the snow white overcoat went all the way down to her toes. She could blend in with the snow. If she remained still, people may not be able to detect her.

When Le Yao Yao was covered top to bottom, she didn’t dare to exit from the main doors. Instead, she opened the window and climbed out.

All she could think about was the house that Si Mu Han showed her earlier today. As long as she found that house, she would be able to go through the secret passageway and escape!

The moment Le Yao Yao imagined being with Yu again, it was like she had been injected with chicken blood. She was no longer scared and hopped out of the window.

She had to go through the wintersweet trees before getting to the house. But suddenly, Le Yao Yao heard a crisp slap in the air. It was especially clear on this silent night.

Le Yao Yao instantly halted her steps and lowered her body to hide in a bush. Her eyes were looking around to locate the source of the sound.

Then, she saw two still figures ahead of her. One of them was in black while the other was in red.

The moonlight was bright enough for her to see the figures clearly. The man in black had a scar across his face. He was Qing Feng. She had seen him before.

As for the lady in red, Le Yao Yao would recognize her even if she had turned into dust. It was the Hong Luo Chang woman. She had seen her once at the brothel. At the time, she was fighting with Leng Jun Yu. Hong Luo Chang only managed to escape because her appearance had distracted Yu.

Then, earlier today, Hong Luo Chang appeared to chop off Nian Sulan’s limbs. Le Yao Yao could still picture her sword dripping with blood. Her smile was evil and stunning at the same time.

Anyhow, Hong Luo Chang had just slapped Qing Feng across the face. Le Yao Yao was confused.

Why are they still outside? It’s the middle of the night. Why did she slap him for? 

But Le Yao Yao didn’t really care to know. She only wanted them to disappear so she could continue on her path. This was the safest route to the house.

Very few people would come to see or admire the wintersweet trees at night. So, Le Yao Yao had to be patient and wait until they leave.

Hopefully they will hurry up. Le Yao Yao was worried Si Mu Han will notice she went missing.

At this moment, the two figures began to talk. Originally, Le Yao Yao was going to zone out their conversation, but she heard herself being mentioned. So, Le Yao Yao immediately focused all her attention on them.

“Qing Feng, why did you do that? That woman is clearly not our lady (furen in Mandarin). She only looks like our lady. Why did you bring her here to lie to our leader?”  Hong Luo Chang’s voice was filled with fury. She looked enraged.

Qing Feng was silent for a moment. Then, he hissed. “Do you think I want to do this? When our lady passed away, you weren’t present. Our leader almost died from heartbreak. He would’ve killed himself if we hadn’t stopped him. If I didn’t tell him about the pill that could bring a person back to life, our leader wouldn’t have been able to live until now. Hope was the only thing that kept him alive.”

“But that was a lie! There’s no such thing as coming back to life. How could such a pill exist?”

“Yes, you’re right. But to our leader, it was hope. He was like a living corpse!” Qing Feng roared. Then, he paused before he continued.

“But, I knew the lie wouldn’t be able to last for long. Our leader will discover sooner or later that it won’t work. So what happens then? Luo Chang, have you ever thought about what would happen once our leader realizes everything was a lie? He would kill himself. Leader saved our lives when we were little. Our lives belong to him. How could we let him die like this?”

“But how could you bring in a fake!? Leader will eventually figure it out, right?”

“I don’t care if she’s a fake. As long as our leader believes she’s real, that’s good enough. At first when I went to the talent show to scoop the hearts out of those maidens, I never expected to see a woman who looked the same as our lady. At the time, I thought our lady truly came back from the dead. It wasn’t until after I fell off the cliff and miraculously survived that I realized that woman is not our lady. She just happens to look like her. I thought to myself, if I was able to survive and live on, I will definitely kidnap this woman for our leader. At least, our leader will be able to live again. If he has the will to live, our evil cult will grow stronger and more powerful.”

Hong Luo Chang didn’t say a word. But when Le Yao Yao heard all this, she almost yelped out loud.

Le Yao Yao immediately covered her mouth with her little hands.

No wonder she thought Qing Feng looked so familiar at first! She couldn’t remember where…

Based on what he said, he was the one who kidnapped her during the talent show! 

He kidnapped her because she looked like their dead lady. 

What the f**k! 

Le Yao Yao wanted to kick Qing Feng in the balls. If it weren’t for him, she would be on her way to her hometown waiting for get married. But her logical side told her she must calm down. Right now, she was in the enemy’s territory. For a weakling like herself, she had to hide to remain undiscovered. That was the only way she would be able to escape.

Qing Feng and Hong Luo Chang hadn’t discovered Le Yao Yao yet. Hong Luo Chang barked at Qing Feng. “But do you know that your method makes me hate you so much?”

“Haha, of course I know.” Qing Feng bitterly replied. He had a sad smile on his face. “But Luo Chang, you shouldn’t be so foolish. You know that our leader only has our lady in his heart. What’s the point?”

“My life is none of your business!” she snapped.

Qing Feng looked hurt. He stayed silent.

Perhaps Hong Luo Chang felt bad for using such a harsh tone, she softened her speech. “You should tell yourself this.. I… heart only has our leader. So don’t be so foolish. I’m not worth it.”

“Luo Chang, I think you’re worth it. No matter how many years you make me wait, I will wait for you. I am not forcing you to like me, but I’ll always be right behind you. As long as you need me, I’m here.”

Hong Luo Chang seemed to feel awkward by Qing Feng’s sincere confession. However, Le Yao Yao was rolling her eyes in the bush.

What the heck?! This is turning into a soap opera!?! 

How long are they going to be here for? My legs are turning numb and it’s too cold here! 

Suddenly, a cold breeze passed by and Le Yao Yao’s nose tingled. She wanted to sneeze, so she instantly covered her nose to stop it.

But her action caused her to lose her balance. She fell down on her bum.

But that wasn’t the worse part.

Le Yao Yao accidentally sat on a branch and made an obvious sound. Although it wasn’t that loud, Hong Luo Chang and Qing Feng were both martial artists. Their hearing was far better than common people.

“Who’s there?”

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 243 and 244

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Chapter 243

Chapter 244

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 242

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What would you do if you weren’t afraid? (an old post I had written)

Chapter 242


The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 241

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Chapter 241


The Eunuch is Pregnant Chapter 239+240

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Chapter 239

Chapter 240