The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 205

To my dear readers,

You guys need to calm down!!!! I see all your comments and I know you’re dying but please understand it takes me a long long time to translate!!! First, I have to read the Chinese raws. Then, I go through it to make edits. Then, I go through it AGAIN to make edits. Then, I start translating. Then, I have to edit my translations because sometimes it sounds too Chinese and the sentence structure doesn’t make sense. Then, I have to go through it again to make more edits. It takes A LONG LONG LONG LONG TIME. I can’t just snap my finger and out pop a chapter.

Anyhow, if you are dying too much, just read the raws with google translate. I’m in the middle of 155 right now. I’ve linked it to you multiple times but here’s the link again in case you haven’t seen it. <– Note: My version is different from the raws because I edit and improvise A LOT. But it’s still from the same novel so whatever that happens in my translations does happen in the novel.

Here’s the post for the bots to steal. How to overcome rejection (relationship focused)

Come back in two hours or so for the actual chapter.

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<3  you guys and calm down. Don’t die. Some of you guys sound like you’re seriously dying. -_-

Chapter 205

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 204

To my dear readers,

I released a chapter yesterday but I finished this one early so I’m releasing it now. I won’t be available to translate until Sunday night though (which will be a Monday for some of you).

In addition, I’m sorry for upsetting some of you with a major spoiler in my previous announcement. I was just trying to prepare you guys for the long run. I didn’t want to disappoint you by preparing you ahead of time, but but preparing you, I’ve disappointed some of you.

Anyhow, come back in an hour or two for the chapter. <3 <– this is the first podcast I was on. This is different from the one I’ve linked in the past. Hehe. It’s quite interesting so if you’re bored, you can listen to it and by the time you’re done listening, perhaps the chapter will be released 😛

I’m going to continue messing with the url so that it’s so unpredictable that the bots cannot figure it out. We’ll see if it works because readlightnovel usually does delayed theft.

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Chapter 204

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 203

To my dear readers,

I am actually suffering from insomnia because I’m stressed about the novel. LOL. Eventually, the plot is going to get really depressing… we’re still a long LONG way from there but I am having trouble sleeping because I’m stresssed on how I could save this novel.

The author has amazing ideas and imagination and I LOVEEEEEE the novel but she’s a very terrible writer. I’m so sorry (if you can read Chinese or you’ve tried reading the raws, you will know what I mean). I’ve been modifying it a lot but I am not sure how much I can do at this rate…

Anyhow, eventually Leng Jun Yu will find out about Le Yao Yao and her pregnancy but he’s gonna disappear for a few years and “die” and he literally almost dies too… the novel gets very very dramatic and we are gonna get a lot of new characters. Eventually, we will have a happy ending though. But that’s going to probably take another hundred chapters or more.

Anyhow, the chapter will be released later. I’m going to try changing the url to see if readlightnovel will succeed. Come back later.

In the meantime, here’s a post about my flaws

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Take a look at the url 😉 Chapter 203

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 202

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Today, I’m going to link two articles and see which one the bots will steal. I wonder if it will mess them up? lol

My attention span and pokemon go (This post was written almost 2 years ago lol)

Why looks matter

My brain is really fried these days so the releases will be random. I’ll still be doing my regular 3 and the 1 bonus on for my patrons (so you get a total of 4). I used to release Mon, Weds, Fri and Sat. Now it’s all over the place. I released on Sun. Today is Tues, so I still have 2 more chapters to go this week.

Leng Jun Yu will find out Le Yao Yao is female by next week?? But he’s not going to find out she’s pregnant for a long longggg LONGGGGGGGGGGGG time. Blame the author!

Come back in a few hours for the actual chapter.

Chapter 202

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 201

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2. Readlightnovel can tell that I’m not linking the actual chapter. They have not stolen any of my blog posts. HOWEVER, so far, it looks like they cannot bypass the password as they did not steal 198 and 199 (since you have to use the password).

3. Novelplanet steals pictures and screenshots too.

4. Novelonlinefree doesn’t steal images but sometimes goes back to steal my work afterwards.

5. No right click on desktop/laptop is ineffective towards all of them. But I keep it on anyway in case some other sites are copy and pasting.

Anyhow, I’ll still be linking a post for the bots to steal. The chapter will be released later. Thank you so much for choosing to read my translations despite how troublesome it is.

I’m actually surprised how many of you wait for me despite having google translate. Google translate is actually quite accurate now! They used to suck but they’ve gotten a lot better. If you can’t wait, I highly suggest you to use it because you’ll find out exactly what happens. Google can translate in a few seconds, whereas I need hours to translate one chapter. The grammar may be a bit odd because Chinese syntax is very different, but it’s getting really good.

Okay, so it turns out readlightnovel managed to steal the chapters in the end. I took away the passwords because they don’t work against the aggregators.

The Slight Edge <– This is a very empowering book. I like to read these type of books because it motivates me to keep going when I’m struggling. I hope my words could make a positive impact in your lives. I want to know that my existence has made a difference to you. <3

Here is Chapter 201

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 200

To my dear readers,

Wow, we’re finally at Chapter 200!!! We’re around chapter 150 of the raws right now. There’s still a long way to go.

Anyhow, I would like to thank Jenny and Amanda for becoming my patrons. As of right now, readlightnovel still has not stolen anything since 197. However, novelplanet and novelonlinefree are still able to bypass the password. I’m going to keep the password for another few days and see. If it’s ineffective, I will remove them and try to think of something else. It’s really depressing because I spend so many hours and brain cells translating this novel but so many sites keep stealing/copying my work.

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I’ll release the chapter later.

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Chapter 200 (I purposely made this public to see what readlightnovel will do)


The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 199

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I’m so sorry some of you have experienced so much difficulties with the password. Apparently, it doesn’t work for mobile?? But it should be fine on tablet, desktop and laptop.

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You can read the chapter here

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 198

To my dear readers,

Sorry, this chapter is a bit late. I was supposed to release last night but couldn’t finish on time. The novel is getting so draggy that it’s killing my brain cells. Although I love the novel, the author really needs to stop wasting time & bullshitting so much! UGHHHHHHHHH!

Anyhow, I’ve tried to shorten it as much as I could. The original raws were so bad that I felt my brain was going to rot. (You can read it with google translate if you go to the previous announcement post). I think I fit the rest of 148 and 149 of the raws in this chapter). It will be released later.

In the meantime, you can listen to a podcast I participated in last year! (LOL I have linked this before but I have many more readers now so some of you probably haven’t seen it)

I’m on a podcast again!

Chapter 197 had already been released long ago. I think some of you are just not clicking it (I’ve been getting more clicks on the announcement post rather than the chapter post).

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The chapter has been released. Remember to type in the password. I will check the aggregator sites in a few hours to see if it worked Chapter 198

It appears a lot of people are having issues with the password on mobile. I think you might have to use the desktop. Sorry, guys. I don’t mean to make your life so difficult. Readlightnovel has stolen all my translations regardless of what I do… I am trying to think of a way that would allow you guys to read for free but not get my translations copied by all these sites. 🙁