The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 60

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Here is Chapter 60

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 59

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P.S. Watch this! It is soooo cute. Omg. Can you imagine if Leng Jun Yu did that to our Le Yao Yao?? AHHHH *squeals*

His name is Yang Yang and he is a famous actor from China! JUST LOOK AT THAT~~~ *panting from hotness*

Here is Chapter 59

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 58

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Here is Chapter 58

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 57

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So since I’m in a huge rush, I had no time to translate a bit of Chapter 58. I just rushed this chapter so I was able to release it for today. Sometimes the grammar is weird because Chinese syntax is so different from English and I can’t make the sentences flow normally.

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Here is Chapter 57

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 56

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Here is Chapter 56. Don’t worry, Le Yao Yao will be okay! Prince Rui is not going to let her die like that!

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 55

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 54

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Here is Chapter 54

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 53

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Here is Chapter 53

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The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 52

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Here is Chapter 52

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 51

Chapter 51

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The hidden chapter 230+2

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