The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 64

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Sorry for the wait! I just got back today. I hope you’ll like this chapter!! I got rid of a lot of unnecessary information (Ex. the Sun spilling onto Prince Rui’s body and making him glow and etc…) I only included stuff that would help accelerate the story.

Hehe. Le Yao Yao is so ridiculous! But don’t have high hopes. Prince Rui isn’t going to find out she’s a girl for a long time! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

Here is Chapter 64

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Only this Prince may touch your foot (Chapter 234+1)

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 63

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Sorry about the wait! There was a power outrage today because of a storm and I had no electricity for a few hours. Anyhow, I hope there aren’t too many spelling mistakes or typos. I am really tired but I know you guys have been refreshing so I am posting immediately!

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Here is the summary of my ghost novel πŸ˜›

Ever since the car accident, Lin Yixin had the ability to see ghosts. However, it felt more like a curse than a blessing. Until one day, Yixin almost died in the hands of a masked killer. The killer got away, but Yixin realized she had an advantage no one else had. Since she was able to see the ghosts that were following him, it meant she could pinpoint his exact location. But how was she going to get the evidence to prove he’s guilty?

Join Yixin and her unexpected roommate, Suyang, as they solve crimes and mysteries together! Not only will this intense novel make you tremble in fear, it will also make you smile from joy.

Note: This novel is a very very different genre but I hope you guys will give it a try nonetheless. I read the entire novel before I decided to translate it.

Here is Chapter 63

The Eunuch is Pregnant: Chapter 62

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Thirdly, I have taken out some fillers from the chapters. It should still read relatively smooth (sometimes the sentences may be awkward because my brain cannot properly convert the Chinese into English). I want to make sure something actually happens in each chapter. This chapter wasn’t too exciting but in a few chapters from now, hehehehehe. You guys will be happy again because Le Yao Yao is going to do something very stupid and arouse the Prince!!

Without further ado, here is Chapter 62.

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